About Us

Xplorin.com together with the Xplorin mobile platform is owned and operated by the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (“ITDC”) Group of Companies and its affiliated Company, PT ITDC Nusantara Xplorin (“Xplorin” or “We”). Xplorin was established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia with a Tourism Business Registration Certificate issued by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta No. 13/Y.1/31.71.06/-1.858.8/2019 dated March 12, 2019, we provide websites and platforms available for iOS and Android (“platforms”), as well as various media, and other platforms that will be available in the future day

XPLORIN app benefits:
1. Provides a new experience in exploring tourist destinations by informing users about recommended places curated by locals.
2. Explore the city and discover hidden destinations with local wisdom .
3. Find the best transportation to reach your desired destination.
4. Shop for all the supplies and equipment to suit your trip.